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Seasonal Naples resident from Rochester, NY

My husband, John, passed away five years ago in September. He prayed the rosary every day for ten years when he was diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer. After he passed, I started praying the rosary every day. People often say that you get a sign after someone passes away, but I didn’t see any sign. One day I went for a walk to pray my rosary. I told Mary and Jesus that I had never had a sign to let me know that John was alright and that he was with them. I took a few more steps and happened to look at my rosary. My crystal beads rosary with the silver links had turned to gold. The chain and the small figure of Mary had also turned to gold. To this day the cross is still silver, but my rosary chain is still gold.

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Seasonal Naples resident from Troy, Michigan

Three days and night's post extensive heart surgery and her blood pressure continued to decline, her heart rhythm was unstable and she was not breathing on her own.  Ten IVs were infusing every powerful medication we could give but she was not responding at all.  Her little family understood the outcome was probably hopeless.  I went to her bed once more in the ICU - trying to think of a part I was missing or a new idea to offer - but also wanting to be with her if she died - no one should die alone.  I held her cold hand and felt a need to pray for her one more time.  I asked God to give her a “few more years” with her small circle of friends and family.  Within less than a minute I could sense a warm “light” over her entire body, the heart rhythm stabilized and the blood pressure immediately began to rise.  One by one the powerful medications were removed and she continued to improve.  Within 24 hours she was breathing on her own.   

In my many years of medicine, I have seen many “miracles” - most of which the scientist within me explains quite easily by a scientific rationale.  But some, especially this one, especially with its instantaneous answer to my prayer, had no scientific explanation.  It remains memorable and profound.  This is why it's so easy for me to believe in God and the power of his intervention.   By the way, she had many happy and productive years of life after discharge.  

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He was tragically taken from us at the hands of another person on December 3rd, 2016.

He had not been in touch with us for months, but 12 hours before he died he did phone. We spoke about his lifestyle, heaven and hell. “Mom, you don’t usually talk about that stuff to me.  It makes me wonder”.  The conversation ended with “I love you”.  Little did I know that this was Jesus’ way of preparing me for David’s death.  He had turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age and spent years on the streets,  in jail and rehab.  I had prayed for David all of his life.   Five days after he died, I was at rosary in my church.   I was unable to pray because of my immense sorrow.   During the rosary my best friend grabbed my hand and said, “Mary just spoke to my heart and said your prayers are answered”!  I had always been so worried about David and Mary answered my prayers.

We were to adopt David, but his biological mother had thoughts of keeping him, so I said a novena to St. Therese of the Little Flower. In the morning of June 6, the first yellow rose bloomed in our yard. David was born later that day. We adopted him ten days later. Yellow roses were his flowers at his funeral.

The first Sunday I was in St. Peter’s after the funeral, the altar was adorned with two huge bouquets of yellow roses.   Every Sunday until Lent there were yellow roses or yellow flowers on the altar.  No pink, no red, only yellow, but on Tuesday of Holy Week, when flowers are not present, there was a yellow flower on the altar.  On Easter Sunday of our return to Canada, four months after David’s death while at mass I asked Jesus to please show me another sign that David was okay.   When it was my task of driving I looked in the sky and saw a huge cloud in the perfect shape of a hand, the right hand of God. On my return to Florida this year the first Sunday at mass there was another huge bouquet of yellow roses on the altar. 

Jesus has shown His love and mercy to me by preparing me for David’s death, answers through Mary, His Mother, and  yellow roses.   There are so many more than I have stated here.   Miracles?   Coincidences?    I say miracles.

Used with permission.