We are a communion of cultures united by the love of Christ, striving together to be "the hands and feet of Christ" on earth.

Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities



St. Peter the Apostle relies on a seasonal increase in contributions. We, especially, count on your Christmas gift to the church.  These contributions support the work of the church now and throughout the year. During this season, please consider sharing your own good fortune by making an additional year end contribution. St. Peter's has a convenient electronic giving option for making your donations. If you are interested, please contact Deacon Wallace at the parish office for details.

When you make year end contributions that you want to use as a deduction on your 2017 income tax return, those contributions must be received at the church before January 1. According to IRS guidelines, charitable contributions must be claimed in the year in which they are delivered! Checks received in January, 2018, which have a December date on the, cannot be claimed as a 2017 contribution. (The only exception is if a mailed contribution has a postmark on it dated in December.) Our Capital Campaign is a great way to give!!

Thank you for your continued support!